If you have been amazed with the beneficial aspects of a various typical massage therapies out there, wait until you experience thalassotherapy. It is a form of therapy that is associated with the systematic application of sea products, shore climate and seawater. The idea of the benefits of this form of therapy is rooted from its potential capabilities in treating the pores of the skin.

Historically, there are some statements stressing out that thalassotherapy has been developed in Brittany, France particularly on the seaside regions around the nineteenth century. With this, Dr. Richard Russell has been the prominent practitioner during these times whose initiations have been recognized with his role played in the sea side mania way back in eighteenth century.

In this approach, it is believed that the pores of the skin are being penetrated by trace elements that are found in seawater such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, and sodium. Although this form of therapy has not been scientifically accepted, the efficiency of thalassotherapy is widely recognized. Thalassotherapy can be applied using different approaches. It can either be done by taking showers of warmed seawaters, or applying of algae paste and marine mud. As an addition, the method is also made possible by inhaling sea fogs.

The Benefits

Suffice to say, present-day thalassotherapy spas come with complex facilities and are situated by the ocean. These high-end features include pools that are designed with diverse depths for different purposes. Usually, the source of the seawater is forty feet. This is to spare the environment from possible pollution.

There is a beneficial aspect of warmed seawater that you can never from cold seawater. Just in case you are not aware, the primary component of warmed seawater is sodium chloride or commonly known as salt. However, it has also high content of minerals as well as trace elements such as calcium and potassium. When the skin is immersed to the warmed seawater, the minerals will penetrate through the pores of the skin.

The Approach

Thalassotherapy is a holistic approach that comes with the marvel of the sea water for the purpose of achieving wellness. With its wide array of benefits, it is a great alternative for watsu, balneotherapy and other forms of water treatment. This form of therapy is a common method in treating health problems such as asthma, sciatica, and other medical conditions. In addition to that, thalassotherapy is also practiced with the goal of weight loss and detoxification.

Because it is a complex approach in promoting wellness and health of a person, it is not a surprise that there are lots of benefits that you can derive from them. The main gaol of this warm seawater therapy is that it helps in detoxifying the body from the threats of harmful element and toxins that can be very detrimental to the health of the body.

Although thalassotherapy is most commonly used for patients, other purposes are still relevant that attracts lots of clients to practice this technique. As such, this form of therapy is a perfect option when it comes to enhancing the body’s metabolism. Due to this feature, it is considered to be effective for those who are in their weight loss journey. Aside from that, it also aids in dealing with digestion problems that can cause painful sufferings to the person.

Much more , this form of therapy is great in resolving serious medical conditions including h hypertension, arthritis, scabies and other painful medical conditions. People who are inclined to stressful jobs can also benefit from the de-stressing power of this water therapy. It has capability of dealing with tension, fatigue and stress. Whether you want to rest your body or mind from stress, you can make sure that thalassotherapy will work in your favour. Aside from the physical benefits that it renders, it can also be used for mental, spiritual as well as emotional enlightenment.

The Risks

On the other hand, the risks of thalassotherapy are outweighed by its significant benefits to the health of a person. However, it is still very important to pay attention to the possible side effects. If this form of therapy is practiced in the wrong way, three is a possibility of occurrence of negative effects. Usually, the common mistake that is done with this water therapy is that pressurized jet sprayers are used. Although this tool does not pose any major side effects to the person, it can lead to traumas when they are employed in the wrong way. You have to keep in mind that everything that is not done in the proper way can cause negative effect to the person. For this reason, it is very important that the practitioner is already adept to all the details of this form of therapy. Also, it is important that the practitioner concentrates while doing the process.

As a conclusion, thalassotherapy can be a miracle water therapy. But on the other side of the coin, they can also be detrimental. So, before you opt for this form of therapy, make sure that you are working with the right practitioner.

The idea of the therapy


The idea behind this form of therapy is that it helps the body restore its natural chemicals equilibrium. This is believed to be possible as the body is repeatedly exposed to sea air and immersed in mud, clay, algae and warm seawater. Aside from the various forms of thalassotherapy, here are the things you should know about thalassotherapy.


There are around one hundred thalassotherapy spas in in the whole world. Majority of the spas based in Africa and Europe have been pioneered in the state of France in the dawn of 1900s. At present, it has still larger number of spas compared to other countries.

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